Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry: Causes and Solutions

Breast asymmetry is a fairly common natural defect among women but, depending on their appearance, it can even cause certain psychological disorders manifested as insecurities and low self-esteem.

For women who suffer from breast asymmetry and are determined to improve their physical appearance, there is an effective solution through a specialised surgical intervention with natural results that we have developed in Clínica March through all these years.

Our goal as a clinic is to facilitate you an access to a physical change, advising you at all times according to your body and features so that the result fits with the subtle and natural change you are looking for.

What are the causes of breast asymmetry?

The main causes are due to the development and evolution of the breasts, being the physical asymmetry the first caused by a physical malformation. Within breast asymmetry we can find:

  • Shoulders asymmetry. It occurs when you tend to raise a shoulder in a relaxed position.
  • Thorax asymmetry. Caused by a deviation of the vertebral column or an alteration in the symmetry of the ribs.

Another main cause is the asymmetry of the breasts themselves caused by the development of your body (the breasts don’t grow at the same rate so some kind of asymmetry can occur),  by the removal of breast tissue, by a breast asymmetric involvement (caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding), by a breast congenital malformation (Poland Syndrome) or by a breast reconstruction.

What are the different types of asymmetry?

  • Anisomastia. This type of breast asymmetry refers to the volume or size difference between the breasts.
  • Anisotelia. It refers to the difference between the size or shape of the areola and the nipple.

Is there any solution for a breast asymmetry?

Clínica March studies your case carefully by our medical-health team to find the best solution depending on your asymmetry.

The intervention required for this type of situation depends on the type of asymmetry the patient suffers and, depending on the degree of difference between the breasts, our specialist will determine both the intervention time and type of operation.

Do not hesitate to contact Clínica March, we strive daily to quickly solve the doubts of our patients, being aware that we become a professional and necessary solution for many women who suffer in silence a problem with easy solution.


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