Bichat Balls

An attractive face is characterized by well-defined angular features that frame and enhance the facial elements such as the nose, the mouth and the eyes. Bichat balls are anatomical fat structures found in the cheeks that may sometimes round up the facial features in excess.

The extraction of Bichat balls accentuates the cheekbone volume and considerably embellishes the face. It is a simple surgical procedure which is carried out under local anesthesia and requires no hospitalization of the patient. The operation can be performed in less than an hour and the postoperative care process does not imply major complications. Once the postoperative inflammation disappears the results are truly amazing.

At March Clinic we have the extraordinary operating rooms of the Quirón Clinic in Marbella and we count with the skills of the best surgeons in the field of facial cosmetic surgery for Bichat balls extraction with full guarantees of success and comfort.

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