Buttock Augmentation


Buttock beauty is an aesthetic issue that interests both men and women. Buttock shape, volume and firmness are crucial aspects in the shaping of a harmonious and attractive silhouette.

Buttock augmentation can be performed using different techniques. One of them is called fat grafting, procedure which involves the removal of the patient’s excess fat in certain areas of the body and then injected into the buttocks. Fat grafting is a safe and effective technique that can be performed on different body parts.

“Reaffirm the natural attractiveness of your silhouette”

However the most common method for buttock augmentation is gluteoplasty through cohesive silicone gel prosthesis implants. Similarly to the breast augmentation surgery, the gluteoplasty consists in correctly placing prostheses in its exact place to achieve the desired volume increase.

At March Clinic we have exceptional operating rooms at the Quirón Clinic in Marbella and we have the skills of a team of surgeons specialized in gluteoplasty that can help you obtain the figure that you want.

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