Cheek Augmentation

The sharp and angular features are synonyms of charm, beauty and youth. Therefore it is of special importance to have well defined cheekbones in perfect harmony with other facial elements. Due to congenital or acquired issues, cheeks may lack in volume implying an unsightly deterioration of beauty and self-esteem.

“Enhance the natural beauty of your face”

The cheek augmentation with prosthesis is a surgical procedure designed to increase the relief of the zygomatic bone using implants. It is a procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia accompanied by a light sedation that helps the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed. The operation is performed in a few hours and does not require hospitalization.

At March Clinic we have the experience of the best surgeons and we have personnel specialized in postoperative care. Our team of aesthetic advisers assists and accompanies each of our patients throughout all stages of the process.

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