The facial features are one of the parts of the human anatomy where age effects manifest themselves with greater evidence. Wrinkles and sagging skin are aesthetic issues that equally affect both men and women when arriving to maturity.

The facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure aimed to recover the firmness of the face through the remodeling of dermal and subcutaneous tissues. Currently, there are different techniques which can be more or less invasive depending on the circumstances and the specific objectives of each patient.

The so called ‘weekend lifting’ consists of a minimally invasive procedure on an outpatient basis with which immediate and long-lasting results are achieved. The patient’s face instantly rejuvenates by the stretching of the skin and the subcutaneous muscle tissue, leaving a minimum scar around the earlobes. In the short term, the rejuvenating effect is visible and the patient is ready to return to his normal life.

The aesthetic advisers at March Clinic are specialized in personalized attention and the planning of the patient’s facelift operations and our surgeons have years of experience in the field of facial cosmetic surgery.

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