A well-defined chest with toned muscles is one of the aspects that most influences in the male attractiveness. Either acquired or due to genetic issues, some men present very developed mammary glands, resulting in an unsightly effect which often translates into a confidence and self-esteem deterioration.

In mild cases such as fat gynecomastia, the pathology can be corrected through liposuction. However in severe cases like glandular gynecomastia a major surgery is required to remove the mammary gland excess.

The technique used and the duration of the intervention, as well as the necessary postoperative cares, depend on the specific characteristics of each patient. In the vast majority of cases, satisfactory and definitive results are obtained with the surgical treatment of gynecomastia.

At March Clinic we have the dexterity and prestige of surgeons specialized in the field of cosmetic body surgery and we have exceptional operating rooms at the Quirón Clinic in Marbella to ensure success and safety in the gynecomastia interventions.

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