The ears play a fundamental role in the configuration of an attractive face since their shape, proportion and symmetry largely determine the balance of the face. Due to inherited or acquired conditions, the physiognomy of the ears may not be the most appropriate and this may lead to a beauty and self-esteem deterioration.

Aesthetic ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure intended to shape the appearance of the auditory pavilion to correct the prominence or excessive separation. The plastic skills of the surgeon are essential in this type of interventions, since a large sculptural vision is needed for a perfectly harmonious result between the face and the ears.

The otoplasty is a procedure that is usually performed with local anesthesia accompanied by a mild sedation which relaxes the patient. The duration of the intervention varies according to the specific characteristics of each case and the postoperative cares are very simple and do not involve great inconvenience.

At March Clinic we have excellent professionals in the field of cosmetic ear surgery to help you achieve an attractive and perfectly balanced appearance.

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