The length, diameter and shape of the penis are issues closely related to self-esteem and the man’s level of satisfaction with his own body. Due to congenital or acquired causes, the physiognomy of the male genital organ may not be the most appropriate, negatively affecting their functionality and enjoyment of a full sex life.

The phalloplasty is a field within the intimate surgery formed by different surgical interventions to optimize the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the penis. The most common consist in the reconstruction, lengthening or thickening of the male reproductive organ.

There are different materials that can be used as fillings in this type of interventions, but the most appropriate in the majority of cases are the autologous tissues from other areas of the patient’s own body. It is a delicate intervention in which the skills of the surgeon are a key factor for satisfactory results.

At March Clinic we count with the ability and prestige of surgeons specialized in intimate surgery and we have the exceptional operating rooms at the Quirón Clinic in Marbella to ensure success and safety in phalloplasty surgeries.

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