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The skin is the organ in our body with greater exposure to external agents such as solar radiation or cold, which can accentuate the aging effects. Dermabrasion is a simple surgical procedure that removes the superficial skin layers to obtain a softer and more luminous skin.

Dermabrasion or skin smoothing, is a very appropriate technique to recover the dermal uniformity, since it allows the removal of small wrinkles and repairs the scars caused by acne.

“A new, healthy and radiant skin”

This superficial practice does not require general anesthesia nor the patient’s hospitalization. The postoperative period is based on simple cures to supervise the natural process of skin regeneration, which is completed after a few weeks.

Although dermabrasion is a minimally invasive and very safe technique, a high degree of expertise is essential for a successful performance. At March Clinic we want to help you recover your skin’s radiance. To do this, we put at your disposal a team of professionals formed by experienced surgeons and aesthetic advisers of top-first level.