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Thick, shinny hair is one of the clearest signs of health and beauty in our culture. This is why hair loss worries more men and women who are affected by problems of hair loss due to age or genetic inheritance.

Hair loss treatments have proved to be very ineffective in the majority of cases, therefore hair transplants have become the perfect alternative to combat hair loss.

Currently, the most effective technique for hair transplantation is the follicular unit extraction, commonly known as FUE. It is a revolutionary method that has completely replaced the uncomfortable techniques used so far.

“Recover the best version of yourself”

Follicular units are extracted one by one using microsurgical latest generation instruments, so that the process only requires local anesthesia and the postoperative recovery is quick and painless.

The follicular units drawn from the donor areas, pass to be grafted in the receiving areas via micro-incisions strategically done, in a way that the scalp recovers an optimal density with a perfectly natural look.

At March Clinic we are fully aware of the crucial role that healthy and lush hair plays in the image and self-esteem of people. We offer our clients the skills of the best surgeons in the field of follicular micrografts.